Product Specialist

Helping organizations succeed with video conferencing in our new hybrid world.


Professional Sales Engineer with Expertise in AV Industry

Chris Rouge is a Sales Engineer with a decade of experience in the audio visual and video conferencing industry. He has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends in the field, and has successfully implemented numerous AV solutions for clients. With his expertise, Chris is able to provide valuable insights and recommendations to help businesses enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities.

What I'm Into

A little bit about what I do outside of work.

A blue bike leaning on a log next to the river.

I love to get out into nature and ride bikes. Most often you'll find me on a cross bike hitting the trails around Sacramento.

A shot of a a couple and two dogs next to a pickup truck with a roof top tent in the desert.
Camping and Hiking

There's nothing better than a cool morning in the woods with cup of coffee, sitting next to the campfire, and listening to the birds chirp.

A newly married man and woman holding hands and walking on train tracks.

I couldn't do without my lovely wife Allison and our two dogs, Farley (Dalmation) and Odie (mutt). Oh and our three chickens!

A brisket just off the grill.

Meats that is. Love a good slow cooked meat on my Recteq grill!

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